Our Services.

General Dentistry

Teeth Cleanings

At Dr. Galluzzo's Dental office, we offer teeth cleanings as well as other alternative hygiene treatments. Sometimes we find periodontal disease or gingivitis that needs to be cared for with a different technique. Our hygienists are trained in the use of antibiotic placement for bacterial reduction to help shrink pockets and help minimize periodontal disease. It is our goal to keep you out of the periodontist office, where surgery is often required. With regular dental cleanings and great home care, we are confident healthy tissue can be achieved for a lifetime! Remember, regular teeth cleanings and current x-rays help us detect cavities accurately. The sooner dental decay, is detected the easier and less costly the solution! This includes scaling and polishings.


Fillings are often used to care for cavities. Cavities are also known as dental decay and arise from a lack of routine cleaning or constant contact with an acid environment. As an office that provides Fort Lauderdale's general dentistry services, we know that soda drinks are extremely damaging to teeth. The use of high-fructose energy drinks can also be harmful. Fillings can also be used for cosmetic bonding purposes.


We provide the highest quality porcelain crowns available, custom made by our exclusive ceramicist. As an exceptional Ft. Lauderdale family dentistry office, we know this level of service is not always available at other offices. Occasionally, metal under the porcelain can create an allergic reaction in the tissue, which is why we prefer all porcelain crowns. In addition, all porcelain crowns require less tooth structure being removed during preparation.

Missing Teeth

There are many solutions when one or more teeth are missing. Options for missing teeth include dental implants, bridges, partials, or dentures. Bridges are an option when there is a missing tooth and the teeth on either side have fillings or crowns. When the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are healthy with minimal dentistry, an implant is the ideal solution and should always be considered. When multiple teeth are missing, consider dental implants, partials, or dentures.

Root Canals

The most common procedures preformed in endodontics are pulp capping and root canal treatment (RCT). In RCT, the diseased pulp is removed, whereas in pulp capping, it is retained.For teeth at the back of the mouth, a crown is commonly required to prevent the tooth from fracturing. Heavy chewing on a root canal treated tooth should be avoided until a crown is fitted. A proper restoration after RCT prevents leaks of bacteria into the tooth and reduces the chances of needing retreatment of the root canals.